We service all over Massachusetts and the greater Boston area. See our convenient drop off locations at the Townsend Farmers Exchange and Low Places Ranch in Lunenburg, MA

Whether it be a muddy pony, a naughty mare or a goofy gelding we clean and repair all equine wear. Leave your mess with us and receive a blanket with years of life left.

Owner of The Mane Thread Rebecca, pictured with her horse Tantalus.

When I first met Jenn Safron in person at The Ark in Harvard MA some years ago, I had known of Jenn and her business from every barn I had ever visited in Massachusetts.  I have always been impressed by Jenn's attention to detail and the brand-new look and feel of every blanket that went through her hands.  

Jenn has been a cornerstone of the equine community for many years and many of us have worked with her and depended on her over the years. I am grateful for Jenn's endorsement of me to carry on her high standards of service to clients and the quality of work we all know and rely on. The Mane Thread is both an outgrowth of Jenn's legacy and an inspirational goal for me to live up to. 

After many years working, riding, managing, and enjoying barn life at various farms in the New England area and abroad, I now have a farm of my own including my own horses, dogs, chickens, and the animals that are sure to follow. Starting my own business at The Mane Thread is just another feather in my equine hat!

We now have our own official laundry bags!

This large teal bag is just as big as Jenn's familiar bright orange bags with a draw string. If you would like to purchase any bags, please make a request on the blanket cleaning form and it will be added to your invoice. Please continue to use your orange bags from Jenn if you have them, they are a welcome sight!

$12.50 Each